Employee Benefits

Hanner Financial Services, Inc. serves individuals, corporations, and business owners offering retirement plans, investment advisory services, financial planning, direct investments, and other needs based services.

The owner Bryan Hanner, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®  has served the business community since 1984 and established Hanner Financial Services, Inc. in 1989.

We have represented small and large employers since 1984. We offer group retirement plans, health insurance, dental, vision, life insurance, and other products which enhance the lives of our employers and employees. Our goal is to help companies grow their human capital. Quality employees are the lifeblood of any company and employee benefits are the key to retaining top talent.

Resource Benefits Group, Inc. serves owners, officers and employees in the corporate community. We primarily work with small and medium sized businesses and their employees. Health Insurance is a valuable corporate benefit when integrated with other ancillary insurance products such as dental, life, vision, disability and vision benefits. We integrate employee benefits to promote human capital growth.